Grievance Management

The Managing Grievances Workshop enables manages to:

  • Identify what a grievance is and what it is not
  • Understand the various grievance resolution options
  • Know when and how to apply informal and formal resolution processes

The focus is on:

  • how to effectively manage grievances at the lowest level possible to avoid the many individual and organisational costs involved in formal grievance procedures,
  • the alternative dispute resolution options that can lead to successful grievance management and prevent escalation of the issues,
  • the steps that need to be taken when conducting a formal grievance process.

Image of conflict between two workdersGrievances can range from low level issues to disciplinary matters and can include:

– interpersonal conflict,

– the way work is allocated,

– a perceived unfairness in the workplace,

– bullying and harassment.

These issues will impact each individual differently and what may be considered “low level” to a manager, may be extremely important to the person concerned. Grievance management is a complex area and a key management capability needed by managers, many of whom spend much of their work days ineffectively dealing with staff grievances.