Change Resilience

Change resilience is the ability to bounce back, to adapt to shifting demands and to achieve good outcomes in the face of change. High resilience individuals are more committed to change and exert extra effort to support the changes. Resilience is also related to high work performance

In the absence of change resilience people suffer anxiety, fatigue and stress when faced with change. Many people will naturally imagine the worst and be suspicious that what is happening is going to be negative for them. People adapt better to change when they understand the need and/or inevitability of change. Articulating what impact it will have for individuals and involving them in planning how to deal with that, builds resilience.

For organisations to thrive people within them need to be able to adapt to constant and growing change. The key is to engage and motivate managers and employees and to provide the conditions that enable successful change to occur.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what is change resilience
  • Know how to lead change resilience
  • Gain insights into behaviors needed for resilience
  • Understand key elements of a change resilient culture
  • Promote change resilience in yourselves and your team
  • Apply strategies for maintaining a resilient workplace culture