How to manage performance

Learning how to manage performance well has significant benefits for both the employee and the organisation.

When underperformance is managed fairly and positively, employee loyalty and motivation improves. When working at its best it takes an employee who would be excellent but for one or two performance weaknesses and enables them to live up to their potential. This improves their long-term job security and workplace productivity.

Management of performance should not be a huge event; it should be quick and relatively pain free and something that’s done incrementally at the first sign of a deviation in ‘expected’ behaviour. If unaddressed for long periods of time it can become a major problem.

This course provides the ‘how to’ of effectively identifying and addressing underperformance. The focus is on helping employees to achieve their potential.

Photos of manager and staff memberThis performance management program enable managers to:

– Understand what drives performance
– Recognise underperformance
– Identify the causes of underperformance
– Effectively address underperformance
– Support employees to achieve their full potential
– Enhance employee engagement and loyalty
– Develop performance objectives and motivate commitment
– Determine when to apply informal and formal performance counselling
– Develop a Performance Improvement Plan.