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Flexibility At Work Consulting, Coaching and Training Services

We offer more than a decade of experience in creating diverse, high performing workplace cultures.
Our innovative training, coaching and consulting services have been successfully applied in many private
and public sector organisations.

Contact Flexibility At Work to:

  • Obtain expert advice on workplace flexibility, diversity and wellbeing
  • Overcome the challenges to gender diversity and workplace flexibility
  • Implement sustainable flexible work practices and diversity programs
  • Prevent bullying, harassment or discrimination in your workplace

    We recognise that each organisation has a unique culture and requires customised solutions
    to achieve successful outcomes. Our whole of organisation approach considers the strategic
    intent, systems, processes and people/behaviour aspects of high performing workplaces.

    Partnering with you to achieve flexible, high performing workplace cultures:
    Save a great deal of time and money that can be wasted in "reinventing the wheel" when it comes
    to implementing work/life programs. We offer outstanding services and well researched, high quality
    tools and guidelines that you can immediately apply in your workplace.

    These include:

  • Our Work/life audit
  • Consultation Process
  • Job Sharing Guidelines
  • Part-time Work Guidelines
  • Work from Home Guidelines
  • Flexible Working Policies
  • Flexible Workplace Communication strategies
  • Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces E-Learning Program
  • Best practices videos, e-books and audios
  • For further information on our services contact Flexibility At Work on Tel: 61 2 9402 4741

    “Kerry Fallon Horgan, Managing Partner, Flexibility At Work, has a deep knowledge of work life
    balance issues and is able to come up with innovative solutions. She is passionate about her work
    and is always up to date with current thinking and approaches. I have no hesitation in recommending Kerry.”
    Alison Spencer, Manager Diversity, IBM

    CEO Rob Davidson recommends Flexibiity At Work in this video clip

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