Products We Offer

  • E-Learning

    Our innovative e-learning programs provide you with a cost effective way of delivering training to support the success of your work/life and wellbeing initiatives. They include the “Creating Flexible Workplaces Program” and “Your Life, Your Money! Making your Life Work for you”. See e-learning program details and demonstrations here

  • Videos

    In our workplace flexibility, health and wellbeing videos you will discover the how, what and why of workplace health and wellbeing programs and implementing flexible work practices. Learn from a range of workplace experts in the private and public sectors how to set up, manage and maintain successful wellness programs that benefit both employees wellbeing and employers bottom lines. See video demos and further details here

  • E-books

    Our e-books provide expert step-by-step guidance on how to find work and life balance, be happy and healthy, live on the lighter side, meditate and detox. E-book details here

  • Toolkit

    Our Flexible Workpractices Toolkit provide extensive coverage of what employees and employers need to consider when entering each particular type of flexible work arrangement and how to enhance sustainable success of these practices. See Toolkit details here.

Our Expertise

Diversity Management
Flexible Work Practices
Bullying and Harassment Prevention
Leadership, Management and Team Development