Bullying & Harassment Prevention


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N.Wolfgramm | Learning & Development Facilitator | Workforce Learning Unit

In this interactive workshop our Bullying Prevention expert covers the crucial components of identifying and dealing with workplace bullying and harassment.

Workshop objectives:

  • Understand what bullying and harassment is and what it is not
  • Gain insight into the impact on people and the workplace
  • Find out what motivates bullying and who becomes targets
  • Know what to do if you or a colleague is being bullied
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of managers and staff
  • Discover what you can do to create a positive workplace environment.
  • Bullying at work is a significant issue for most workplaces in terms of productivity and employee wellbeing.

    To minimise legal exposure, organisations are required to take all resonable steps to prevent bullying and harassment at work.These steps include ongoing training to identify and manage these destructive workplace behaviours. Our leading edge, interactive workshop helps workplaces to effectively deal with workplace bullying and harassment.

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    Workshop content includes:

    • An update on the latest legislation including the Fair Work Act and case law
    • Leading edge workplace strategies for dealing with bullying and harassment
    • How managers and employees play a part in creating a culture of bullying
    • The steps you can take to develop an inclusive workplace with a zero tolerance for bullying.

    Everyone has the right to a safe workplace free of harassment, discrimination or bullying.

    In this workshop workplace rights and responsibilities under the legislation are covered, as well as meaningful definitions of harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying and associated terminology.Participants will learn how to implement strategies in the workplace to prevent harassment and discrimination, promote a safe and productive workplace and deal effectively with complaints.

    Our one-day, half-day and 2 hour workshops can be customised and delivered in your workplace. Our training enables managers and staff to understand their legal rights and responsibilities and how to deal with harmful assumptions, attitudes, stereotypes and behaviours. The programs promote a productive, inclusive workplace environment that benefits both the organisation’s bottom line and employees’ wellbeing.

    Our in-house programs include the application of an award winning 3D simulation tool to provide insights into effectively managing difficult workplace relationships.

    Our Lead Facilitator has delivered bullying and harassment prevention training in the public and private sectors at all organisational levels for more than a decade. She has extensive knowledge of the legislation and case law and has written and reviewed Bullying and Harassment Prevention policies, procedures and training programs for many workplaces. Her experience includes managing workplace bullying and harassment grievances which provides the needed experience to successfully deliver specialist training in this very complex area. Her expertise includes management coaching, conflict resolution, managing unsatisfactory performance and diversity management. She has trained an expert team of facilitators to deliver our bullying and harassment prevention program in workplaces.

    To obtain a quote to deliver this program in your organisation Email: kerry@flexibility.com.au Mobile 0438 231 065

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