Creating Flexible Workplaces

In this innovative workshop participants will discover effective personal and organisational strategies for implementing and maintaining successful work/life initiatives.

Kerry, has a deep knowledge of work life balance issues and is able to come up with innovative solutions. She is passionate about her work and is always up to date with current thinking and approaches. I have no hesitation in recommending Kerry. Alison Spencer, HR Integration + Exec Assignees Mgr at IBM

We will outline the crucial steps that need to be taken at both an organisational and individual level and the why, what and how of flexible workplaces will be explored. The workshop includes the application of an award winning coaching tool.

In this video course participant and CEO, Rob Davidson, recommends the “Creating Flexible Workplaces” Workshop

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About your facilitator:
Kerry Fallon Horgan has extensive experience in training, facilitation and coaching at all organisational levels and across a broad range of businesses including the finance, retail, construction, mining, manufacturing and public sectors. She was the finalist judge for the Australian HR Awards in the Health & Wellbeing category and is accredited in Certificate 1V in Assessment and Workplace Training, and the innovative coaching tool and methodology, “The Play of Life”, which she applies in this powerful and unique program. She is the author of “Time On, Time Out! Flexible Work Solutions to Keep Your Life in Balance”, the e-book “Finding Life Balance”, best practice guidelines on implementing Flexible Work Practices and the e-learning program “Flexibility at Work: The Opportunities and Challenges”.

Feedback from course participants:

“Very informative, with practical solutions to move forward. Kerry was encouraging & thoughtful. Brilliant! I will recommend to other staff

“Excellent. The tools will be useful both in the workplace and for personal use”

“Very useful tools/techniques to aid practical application/identification of goals and priorities”

“We moved through many issues and gained insight to where we are now and where we’d like to be, across many facets of our lives. In particular, I valued the practical exercises and the flexible instruction.”

“Pleasantly surprised by the individual focus and motivational nature. Excellent tools”.
– Treasury

“Excellent. Relevant and applicable to my ‘now’ needs”
– Aust Electoral Commission

“Like the approach to look at the business aspects and then at the personal to see how they are interwoven”
– Centrelink

“Good course content. Good facilitation – allowed discussion but controlled agenda.”
– Delfin Lend Lease.

“Very informative, stimulating and interesting the time flew. I wish it had been longer ” not because I felt a lack of information just because it was so interesting.”

“Excellent. The tools will be useful both in the workplace and for personal use”

“Kerry is an excellent facilitator who guided the discussion to deliver real solutions that can be trialled in the workplace.”
-Manager. Delfin Lend Lease.

“Hands on visual aides makes it a much more memorable experience. Good technique to break down issues, and get people in the organisation to open up”
-Senior Manager. Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific Ltd

“Promised outcomes delivered! A rarity these days with some workshops.
The Play of Life – brilliant tool for fast clarity.”
-Employment Programs Co-ordinator.

“Kerry’s presentation highlighted the issues around flexibility at work and her interactive approach (especially her use of the coaching tool The Play of Life) makes clear the benefits for individuals and for businesses of creating and managing flexible workplaces. Kerry is a great expert in this area and she has some realistic solutions to the challenges individuals and organisations are encountering.”
– Director, Seed Recruitment

“Thank you for your inspiring sessions at the Seminar and also for ‘Time on, Time Out!’ which I have since read and very much enjoyed. I have recommended it strongly to several other people already.”
– General Manager, ANZ Bank

“It was very informative. It covered everything in an organised and well presented way.
The Play of Life Excellent. Really puts things into perspective and see what changes you can make..”
– Employee Relations Officer, Port of Brisbane Corporation.

“The workshop was valuable from the perspective that it raised important issues and gave me a good understanding of both what a good organisation does for its employees and what my colleagues views are on the subject of worklife balance.”
-Finance Manager. Delfin Lend Lease.

“Very applicable to workplaces, practical suggestions. Insight into other workplaces and possibilities.
The Play of Life Very tactile, inspires creativity..”
– Project Officer, Child Safety

“Drilled down to the issues affecting the topic. Workshop presented in an informative manner obviously well researched and prepared. The Play of Life it’s flexible and draws out the underlying issues surrounding the topic!.”
– Principal, Working Visions.

“The Play of Life excellent, insightful..”
– Director of HR. MOCS

“Very informative , covered key facets of flexible work arrangements and managing stress.
The Play of Life Good tool assisted in providing an overall umbrella view of scenarios.”
– HR Manager. TGM

In the Creating Flexbile Workplaces Workshop discover:
– Why individuals are seeking greater work/life balance,
– What’s in it for organisations to support this,
– How to develop effective work/life plans,
– The personal and organisational challenges that need to be addressed,
– Leading edge tools for dealing with personal and organisational barriers,
– A step-by-step approach to implementing sustainable flexible work practices,
– Case studies of award winning organisations and their unique health and wellbeing programs,
– Strategies that can be implemented for success with work/life balance,
– Management practices that inhibit and enhance working flexibly
– Effective strategies for preventing and managing stress and burnout.

“Informative, interactive, great examples. Came to workshop not really knowing what to expect. Received very useful data in recognising forces for and against implemejntation of strategies. Could easily visualise how this could work in my work environment.”
– AMD Chartered Accountants.

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Futher training resources on Flexible Work Practices

Flexibility at Work: Work/Life issues in Australian organisations today
Image of balance scales on video cover

A key training tool for your flexible workplace initiatives. The video includes training notes by flexible workplace expert, Kerry Fallon Horgan. This video has been produced by Kerry Fallon Horgan for use in work/life training programs, workshops and seminars. The program highlights the issues facing a diverse workforce and the challenges of achieving a work/life balance in Australian workplaces today.The work/life issues presented by the two middle managers in the video are representative of a diverse range of people working across all sectors, including the public, private and community sectors.The business case for flexible work practices has been well documented and many organisations have excellent flexible workplace policies and procedures, but the gap between the reality and the rhetoric is significant for many Australian workers. A key to closing this gap is the facilitation of appropriate dialogue in the workplace about the many barriers to work/life balance and the strategies that can be implemented to overcome these challenges. The aim of this video is to facilitate this dialogue.Cost: $167.00 (includes GST, Postage and Handling)

Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces E-Learning Program

Image of hand balancing stonesWhether you are a best practice flexible workplace or you are just starting out on the flexibility journey, ongoing training is a key strategy for the success and sustainability of your programs.

This innovative e-learning training program for managers and staff provides your workplace with a cost effective way of enabling the workplace practices needed to support flexible work options.

Access the Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces e-learning demo here!

To obtain the Program for your workplace contact Flexibility At Work on Mob: (Australia) 0438 231 065

What does this e-learning program provide?

In this innovative 45 minute e-learning training program participants will discover:

  • Effective strategies for implementing, managing and maintaining flexible work practices
  • The crucial steps that need to be taken at both an organisational and individual level
  • The fundamentals of the why, what and how of flexible workplaces.

In the Creating & Managing Flexible Work Practices E-Program:

  • Learn about award winning organisations and practices.
  • Discover what employees want when it comes to flexibility.
  • Hear an impelling business case for making flexibility a reality.
  • Identify solutions to the personal and organisational challenges.
  • Understand the management practices that inhibit and enhance working flexibly.
  • Find leading-edge strategies for implementing and managing flexible work practices.

Access the Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces e-learning demo here!

About Our Elearning Training Programs

Having worked with hundreds of managers, HR professionals and employees for more than a decade, we’ve found that there are two sides to the coin that need to be considered when implementing sustainable flexible work practices.

Firstly it is important to create an enabling workplace environment with management commitment and supportive values in action, attitudes, practices, systems and processes. The other side of the coin is the individual responsibility to understand their life goals and take action to achieve the life they want. Successfully managing personal finances is a key to achieving life satisfaction and our personal money mangement online program enables this success.

It is with this in mind that we have developed the two e-learning training programs:

Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces to develop the workplace that enalbes workplace flexibility and the Your LifeYour Money! Making your life work for you is for individuals to understand their life goals and the steps to take to achieve work/life balance.

Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces is a 45 minute e-program for managers and employees. It contains 6 modules and a 12 minute video which is part of an exercise to surface and address the challenges to flexible work practices. The video focuses on the issues experienced by two managers, striving to overcome work/life conflicts in a long hours workplace culture.

The Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces e-program content

Module 1 – The introduction to the program. You can view the introduction here.

Module 2 – covers all the types of flexible practices that workplaces are offering, how individual differences need to be considered, a best practice case study and strategies to understand what employees want, including our work/life audit and exit interviews.

Module 3 – considers the individual and social drivers for the change to a flexible workplace. This module starts the process of addressing the myths and misperceptions that surround and undermine workplace flexibility.

Module 4 – provides an indepth business case for implementing flexible work practices. Lots of examples of the types of benefits particular organisations have achieved through flexible work practices are given in this module.

Module 5 – surfaces the barriers to change to a flexible workplace through the organisational iceberg model and the video work/life issues in today’s workplaces. People undertaking the program are asked to write down the various issues raised in the video and this is used to focus dialogue in the workplace around the challenges to achieving work/life balance.

Module 6 – considers 14 key strategies that enable sustainable flexible workplaces including various management practices and supportive workplace systems and processes.

Advantages of this elearning training program:

  • It enables responsibility for facilitating flexibility to be devolved to managers
  • It provides managers with a tool and the fundamental knowledge needed to make flexibility happen
  • E-learning gives the viewer the choice to undertake the program when convenient to them
  • One or two modules can be taken at a time and used to focus dialogue on the issues raised
  • People can keep going back to the program as often as wanted, which reinforces the learning
  • Cost advantages of no presenters fees, travel costs, training room, equipment hire or time away from the office.

E-learning is an important component of the ongoing communication and education strategy needed for sustainable flexible workplaces.

For further information and to view the full 45 minute e-learning program contact:

Kerry Fallon Horgan on M: Australia 0438 231 065 Email: