Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces E-Learning Program

Image of hand balancing stonesWhether you are a best practice flexible workplace or you are just starting out on the flexibility journey, ongoing training is a key strategy for the success and sustainability of your programs.

This innovative e-learning training program for managers and staff provides your workplace with a cost effective way of enabling the workplace practices needed to support flexible work options.

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What does this e-learning program provide?

In this innovative 45 minute e-learning training program participants will discover:

  • Effective strategies for implementing, managing and maintaining flexible work practices
  • The crucial steps that need to be taken at both an organisational and individual level
  • The fundamentals of the why, what and how of flexible workplaces.

An exciting component of this e-learning program is a 12 minute video on work/life issues in today’s workplaces.

In the Creating & Managing Flexible Work Practices E-Program:

  • Learn about award winning organisations and practices.
  • Discover what employees want when it comes to flexibility.
  • Hear an impelling business case for making flexibility a reality.
  • Identify solutions to the personal and organisational challenges.
  • Understand the management practices that inhibit and enhance working flexibly.
  • Find leading-edge strategies for implementing and managing flexible work practices.

Access the Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces e-learning demo here!

Our e-learning program is based on the “Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces” Workshop which has been facilitated throughout Australia for the Australian Human Resources Institute and in many workplaces, with outstanding success:

Testimonials for the Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces Workshop

Very informative, well structured, relevant, up-to-date, insightful, thought provoking. Cara Haslop. HR Manager.
Promised outcomes delivered! A rarity these days with some workshops. John Rodriquez, Employment Programs Co-ordinator.

About Our Elearning Training Programs

Having worked with hundreds of managers, HR professionals and employees for more than a decade, we’ve found that there are two sides to the coin that need to be considered when implementing sustainable flexible work practices.

Firstly it is important to create an enabling workplace environment with management commitment and supportive values in action, attitudes, practices, systems and processes. The other side of the coin is the individual responsibility to understand their life goals and take action to achieve the life they want. Successfully managing personal finances is a key to achieving life satisfaction and our personal money mangement online program enables this success.

It is with this in mind that we have developed the two e-learning training programs:

Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces to develop the workplace that enalbes workplace flexibility and the Your LifeYour Money! Making your life work for you is for individuals to understand their life goals and the steps to take to achieve work/life balance.

Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces is a 45 minute e-program for managers and employees. It contains 6 modules and a 12 minute video which is part of an exercise to surface and address the challenges to flexible work practices. The video focuses on the issues experienced by two managers, striving to overcome work/life conflicts in a long hours workplace culture.

The Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces e-program content

Module 1 – The introduction to the program. You can view the introduction here.

Module 2 – covers all the types of flexible practices that workplaces are offering, how individual differences need to be considered, a best practice case study and strategies to understand what employees want, including our work/life audit and exit interviews.

Module 3 – considers the individual and social drivers for the change to a flexible workplace. This module starts the process of addressing the myths and misperceptions that surround and undermine workplace flexibility.

Module 4 – provides an indepth business case for implementing flexible work practices. Lots of examples of the types of benefits particular organisations have achieved through flexible work practices are given in this module.

Module 5 – surfaces the barriers to change to a flexible workplace through the organisational iceberg model and the video work/life issues in today’s workplaces. People undertaking the program are asked to write down the various issues raised in the video and this is used to focus dialogue in the workplace around the challenges to achieving work/life balance.

Module 6 – considers 14 key strategies that enable sustainable flexible workplaces including various management practices and supportive workplace systems and processes.

Advantages of this elearning training program:

  • It enables responsibility for facilitating flexibility to be devolved to managers
  • It provides managers with a tool and the fundamental knowledge needed to make flexibility happen
  • E-learning gives the viewer the choice to undertake the program when convenient to them
  • One or two modules can be taken at a time and used to focus dialogue on the issues raised
  • People can keep going back to the program as often as wanted, which reinforces the learning
  • Cost advantages of no presenters fees, travel costs, training room, equipment hire or time away from the office.

E-learning is an important component of the ongoing communication and education strategy needed for sustainable flexible workplaces.

For further information and to view the full 45 minute e-learning program contact:

Kerry Fallon Horgan on M: Australia 0438 231 065 Email: kerry@flexibility.com.au

Testimonials for the Creating & Managing Flexible Workplaces Workshop:

All of it was helpful – very relevant to what my organisation is currently trying to implement. Some of the brick walls we have were given some solutions today
Sanofi-Synthelabo Pty Ltd

I had very little understanding of change management practices. I would now like to use the methods discussed today on staff I supervise and become a more effective manager. I like things to be practical and measurable the methods discussed today are just that very enjoyable
Manager, DEWR

Excellent tools for planning & improving practices, both personally and organisationally. Defence

At the workshop, Kerry has most efficiently and effectively outlined the practical implication of managing work/life balance. Though it is a hard topic to discuss, she has engaged the audience to comprehend the most important management issue-the continuous engagement with the heart of employees. Her capability to involve the audience in thinking process was also very impressive Ph.D.Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law Deakin

Drilled down to the issues affecting the topic. Workshop presented in an informative manner obviously well researched and prepared.
Tracy Wilson, Principal, Working Visions.

“Great insight into approaches on how to develop high performing functional workplace cultures. Maintain positive attitudes to taking small steps in the cultural change.
David Burley, Workforce Planning.

Good presentation skills clarity of intent. Good written material. Good activities/exercises. Covered a large amount of material very well. Very professional. Great case presented for work/life balance
Institute of Executive Coaching

It gave good examples. Realistic about how organisations work. Gave good insight on steps to take in relation to cultural change.
Richard Bath, HR Manager.

To view the full 45 minute e-learning program contact:
Flexibility At Work on: M: 0438 231 065 Email: info@flexibility.com.au


About the author and presenter of this e-learning program:
Kerry Fallon Horgan is an expert on flexible work practices and achieving work/life balance. She has written a book on flexible work practices and for more than a decade has facilitated flexible workplace programs in organisations throughout Australia. Kerry has extensive experience in training, facilitating and coaching at all organisational levels and across a broad range of businesses including the finance, retail, construction, mining, manufacturing and public sectors. She was the finalist judge for the Australian HR Awards in the Health & Wellbeing category. She is accredited in Certificate 1V in Assessment and Workplace Training.

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Your Life Your Money! Making your life work for you E-Learning Program

Image of calculatorA unique Personal Financial Management E-Learning Program to help people:

Develop a workable life plan to achieve their goals

Gain the cashflow needed for life balance and life satisfaction

Discover a simple and effective personal money management how-to.

Access “Your Life – Your Money!” e-learning demonstration here

Doing this elearning course will help you:

  • Establish realistic and motivating life and financial goals,
  • Find out what level of income you need to cover your expenses, save, and invest,
  • Learn how to prepare and use your cash flow statement,
  • Identify how to reduce and control spending, consumer debt & those “must haves”,
  • Understand your money habits and develop financial management strategies.

Over 1,000 people have completed this Program. Every one of them benefited from it and experienced positive change in their lives. We want the same for you! Just remember, you have to finish the Programme, including all the exercises, to get the full benefit!

An excellent course to help one gain confidence around money and to understand my limiting beliefs

The advantage of this personal financial management elearning is that it:

  • Enables individual responsibility for achieving personal and career goals
  • Gives the viewer the choice to undertake the program when convenient to them
  • One or two modules can be taken at a time and used to focus dialogue on the issues raised
  • People can keep going back as often as wanted, which reinforces the learning

Your Life – Your Money! consists of 10 modules which include:

  • a 12 step life plan
  • an indepth look at the attitudes and beliefs around money that may be blocking your financial success and an interactive attitude and beliefs survey
  • Tips on general money management
  • A step by step cashflow plan and cashflow e-tool download
  • How to manage debt
  • The power of compounding
  • Making the most of saving and investing
  • How to work with a financial advisor with practical questions to ask

The program concludes with an abundant living plan download, which gives you a personal action plan for financial success.This is a truly exciting program to help you achieve work/life balance and financial success.

“Your Life – Your Money! is available to individuals and organisations. For details: Email kerry@flexibility.com.au or Telephone: (612) 9402 4741 for further details.

Access “Your Life – Your Money!” e-learning demonstration here

You can undertake this program either:

1. As an individual online go to All Money Matters or

2. As an organisation, purchase the course for your employees by contacting Email: kerry@flexibility.com.au or Telephone: (612) 9402 4741

To view the full 60 minute e-learning program contact:

Kerry Fallon Horgan on:
Tel: (02) 9402 4741

Benefits Outside the Square an article by Kerry Fallon Horgan

The Mercer study, Benefits Outside the Square, found there to be a real disconnect between what employees are wanting and what employers believe they want in terms of benefits that induce them to stay with an organisation. Only 3 of the top ten benefits that an employer would like match those the employer thinks the employee wants.

What topped the list for baby boomers was for their employers to help them access financial advice and education but less than one third of employers are doing actually doing anything about it. David Anderson, Asia Pacific Business Leader of Mercer outsourcing business, said that improving the financial literacy of employees of all ages can meaningfully improve the productivity and the longevity of a workforce. In the current financial crisis, financial management skills take on an even more crucial role.

Our latest e-learning program, Your Life Your Money! Making your life work for you, enables the personal responsibility needed for success with work/life balance and provides the financial literacy education that employees are seeking. Offering this program as a benefit to employees is a valuable component of an attraction and retention strategy as well as buidling an employer of choice reputation.

This excitng 1 hour e-program was developed by All Money Matters and Flexibility At Work. It contains 10 modules which are the equivalent in content of our half-day Life Planning workshop and 12 Money Management coaching sessions.

You can undertake this program either:

1. As an individual online go to All Money Matters or

2. As an organisation, purchase the course for your employees

If you wish to:

  • undertake this course personally go to All Money Matters
  • purchase this program for your employees or to view the full 60 minute personal financial management elearning program contact:
    Flexibility At Work on:
    Mob: 0438231 065
    Email: info@flexibility.com.au
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