Finding Life Balance: Personal & Work Solutions e-book

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Finding Life Balance: Personal & Work Solutions

In this informative and well reseached 75 page e-book, you will find personal and work solutions to achieve work and personal life effectiveness. Discover:

– A step by step approach to achieving your life goals
– How to create a balance between your work & personal life
– The types of workplace flexibility that can make life balance possible
– The benefits of flexible work arrangements for employers and employees
– Examples of how best practice organisations make flexibility work
– The challenges to workplace flexibility and how to overcome them.

This 75 page e-book is written by Kerry Fallon Horgan and is adapted from her highly acclaimed book “Time On, Time Out! Flexible Work Solutions to Keep Your Life in Balance”

Book Review – New Workplace Magazine:

This well-researched and compassionate book looks at ways to achieve a balance between work responsibilities and family/lifestyle commitments. It describes the process of converting workplaces into family-friendly locations, and family places into work-friendly havens. “Time On, Time Out! Outlines strategies to minimise competing commitments using case studies of real people, with real babies and real jobs. It proposes solutions that reflect the broad range of experience and consultation the authors bring to their research, as well as optimism and enthusiasm for achieving a balance between work and life.

Cost: $14.95