Flexible Work Practices Toolkit

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The Flexible Workplace Toolkit provides the information needed for success with home based work, job sharing and part-time work including guidelines, a work/life audit and flexible work policies.

With more than a decade of experience in helping workplaces implement flexible work options, we know the practices, systems and processes that underpin successful flexible workplace.

Each of the Guidelines provide extensive coverage of what employees and employers need to consider when entering each particular type of flexible work arrangement and how to enhance sustainable success of these practices.

The Toolkit is available as a complete kit. Alternatively various components can be obtained to meet your flexibility needs.

The Flexible Work Practices Toolkit offers outstanding value and includes:

  • A Work/Life Audit
  • Consultation Process
  • Job Sharing Guidelines
  • Part-time Work Guidelines
  • Home Based Work Guidelines
  • Flexible Workplace Policies

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Home Based Work, Part-time Work and Job Sharing Guidelines

The Guidelines include:

  • The definition and options available under each type of arrangement
  • Benefits for the employee
  • Benefits for the employer
  • Employment conditions
  • What employees need to consider
  • How to state a case for each type of flexible work practice
  • Determining how the particular flexible work option will work
  • Understanding the difficulties that can arise and how to address these
  • Redefining a job to meet the needs of employer and employee
  • Employee strategies for success with the flexible work practice
  • Procedures that need to be put in place
  • Technology requirements
  • Communication strategies
  • Written agreements
  • Systems considerations
  • Management practices that support flexibility
  • Assessment and agreement forms.