Team Building

Image of teamworkThe Team Development Workshop applies a unique coaching tool to:

– Highlight and align group goals.
– Unlock individual and group insight into interpersonal behaviour.
– Stimulate lateral thinking and identify elements of high and low performing teams.
– Enhance relationships, emotional intelligence and cross-cultural communication.
– Look at situations objectively, in a safe and non-judgemental way.
– Illuminate the first steps to achieving high performing teams.
– Identify behaviours that are impeding the achievement of effective relationships.
– Give people another way to communicate in times of anxiety, fear or distress.

The coaching tool provides a communication method independent of language. By tapping into the universals of communication it bridges cultural gaps and allows clarity through pictures in moments of anxiety, fear or distress.

Effective communication is essential in creating unity in a team and for learning and transformation of both individuals and groups. In complex matters, the chance of error, or that an incorrect or distorted image or concept will be received is very high. This is because culture, language, background, education etc, all contribute to the selection, hearing, and interpretation of the words used.

Unless the feedback is consistent, the person trying to communicate will often not know that there has been a misunderstanding.They will then continue to develop, analyse or diagnose on that basis.

Communication is even more difficult when more than two people are involved. It is not surprising that there is often a major difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’.

The coaching tool uses universal symbolic images that display relevant three-dimensional information simultaneously.

This ‘picture’ is independent of language, background etc. Therefore it is more closely associated with the way we think. This makes communication more immediate, effective and efficient without reliance on other mechanisms.

The quality of relationships can significantly constrain or enhance corporate productivity and growth. Our workshop helps managers and employees create stronger ‘Relationship Capital’ and allows the team to develop a shared understanding of effective teamwork.

The half day Team Development Workshop contributes significantly to enabling change from low performing to functional team behaviours by:

  • Reducing complexity
  • Enhancing self responsibility and motivation for change
  • Allowing discovery of insight rather than imposition of solutions.